Sanitising Tunnel Washers

Unitech sanitisers / sanitising tunnels are designed to effectively apply an uninterrupted flow of sanitising solution to all faces of products being handled. To achieve this, Unitech have a unique system of removing the belt from the product during the spraying operation, allowing full 360° coverage.

Hygienic construction, eliminating stitch welding, pop rivets and silicone sealants, provide a crevice-free product, thus minimising the risk of bacterial growth and cross-contamination.  Large access doors and removable end covers add to the cleanability of the sanitisers, offering a fully hygienic operation.

Sanitising Tunnels – Standard Features

  • Blue coloured modular belt, open design, allowing free drainage.
  • Inverter controlled motor for speed adjustment.
  • Automatic level control on the reservoir for fill and pump protection.
  • Centrifugal pump with stainless steel impeller and housing.
  • Dosatron sanitiser injector.
  • Sloping surfaces for added hygiene benefits.
  • Through wall installation.
  • Stainless steel construction, with food grade bearings.
  • Re-circulation and filtration of sanitising solution, minimising water and sanitant costs.
  • Photocell on discharge, stops the conveyor in the absence of an operator.


  • Lift up ends, minimising clean down times.
  • 316 stainless steel construction.
  • Air knife on discharge for excess solution removal.
  • Bi-directional operation.
  • Total Loss “misting” systems for delicate products.
Sanitising Tunnels

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