Tote / Euro Bin & Buggy Washers

Unitech tote bin washers (euro bin washers) and buggy washers are available with various options, thus tailoring the equipment to specific customer requirements. Offering full internal/external and wheel washing, the Unitech bin washers give an effective overall clean for all types of soiling.

Internal surfaces are cleaned using a motor driven, high-impact jetting arm, with stainless steel, quick release jets. Wheels are washed with an additional rotary jetting head to give a complete all over wash. Various wash programs allow bins with varying degrees of contamination to be washed in a common unit, but with the minimum amount of energy for each different product.

The Unitech tote bin washers (euro bin washers) and buggy washers are constructed using the hygienic principles applied to all our equipment, with the elimination of stitch welding and silicone sealants. Producing a crevice-free finish which facilitates the cleaning of the unit and minimises bacterial traps. A unique optional system of filtration allows gross debris or protein-based products to be pre-washed from the bins, preventing soils from entering the main wash reservoir, thus minimising both detergent and water usage.

Standard Features

  • Stainless steel, crevice-free construction.
  • Hygienic tubular jetting manifolds with flushing points for cleaning.
  • Electrically interlocked doors.
  • Automatic lifting arms invert the bins for cleaning.
  • Re-circulated detergent wash.
  • Multiple wash programs.


  • Steam, electric or gas heating options.
  • Single or twin bay units.
  • Ambient or heated final rinse.
  • Automatic filtration options.
  • Pre-wash options.
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