Dolav / Bulk Container Washing

Unitech Washers are leading manufacturers of dolav washers. They can also be referred to as pallet box washers, which are designed and supplied for bulk container washing.

Bulk Container Washing

Our dolav washers allow the efficient cleaning of bulk storage containers, with either a stand-alone cabinet unit or an automated in-line system.

Bulk Container Washing

As with all our wash equipment, the machines in this range incorporate our latest hygienic design principles. This minimises energy usage and cleaning times.

Cabinet units can be supplied with single or double bays to accommodate various throughput rates. They are available with removable frames, which allow a large range of containers to be washed in a single machine.

Multiple, programmable wash cycles are included which gives the flexibility for a wide range of soiling. Clients are therefore able to tailor the machine to suit their specific requirements.

How do our Dolav Washers operate?

Our dolav washers (in-line system) have an indexing mechanism which allows the dolavs to pause at a jetting station, where high impact jets enter the unit. This ensures that all surfaces are efficiently washed. And because most of the water is re-circulated, significant savings in utility usages can be made against normal hand-held jet wash systems, giving short payback periods.

Dolav Washers

These dolav washers can also be supplied to accommodate other items such as pallets within the same production line.

To ensure we are compliant with the latest standards, our dolav washers are developed in conjunction with food hygienists.

We offer efficient bulk container washing and easy to maintain machines – with a clean and crevice free construction.

Standard Features

  • Stainless-Steel Construction.
  • Multiple Wash Programs.
  • Re-Circulated Wash Cycles.
  • High Impact Jetting.


  • Gas, Steam or Electric Heating.
  • Single, Twin Bay or In-Line Configuration.
  • Low Risk/High Care Operation.
  • Ambient or Heated Final Rinse.
Pallet Box Washers
Dolav Washers

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