Pallet Washers

Unitech pallet washers can be supplied as manually loaded units or as a complete system, using automatic de-stacking and re-stacking of pallets. Our pallet washers are manufactured using hygienic design principles, thus enabling them to be used in a wide range of industries. From logistics through to food and pharmaceutical installations.

Re-circulated wash systems, coupled to a range of filtration options make the machines highly efficient and minimise utility and energy usage. Various washing cycles are available from pre-washing, hot detergent wash, final rinse, sanitising rinse and air knife blower systems. Thus enabling the machines to be tailored to the customer’s requirements.

Rotary jetting systems and fixed manifolds with 360° coverage are strategically positioned for cleaning hard to reach areas, such as the tops of base boards. Fitted with stainless steel quick release jets they provide an excellent result when cleaning even the heaviest of soiled pallets. Many designs and sizes of pallets can be accommodated, with adjustable guide systems to allow pallets of varying size and design to be washed in a common unit.

Standard Features

  • Stainless Steel Hygienic Construction.
  • Effective Jetting Systems.
  • Re-Circulated Wash Systems.
  • Rotary and Fixed Jetting Systems.
  • Energy Efficient.


  • Manual or Automatic Feed Options.
  • De-Stacking and Re-Stacking.
  • Air Knife Drying.
  • Gas, Steam or Electric Heating.
Pallet Washers
Pallet Washers
Pallet Washers

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