Pallet Washers

We design and manufacture high quality pallet washers to efficiently clean pallets of all sizes. Our pallet washing systems are manufactured from high grade stainless steel and incorporate the latest hygienic design principles, making them the ideal investment for a wide range of industries – including logistics, food and pharmaceutical sectors.

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Pallet Washer Features

  • Hygienic stainless steel construction
  • Rotary and fixed jetting systems
  • Eco friendly, re-circulated washing
  • Energy efficient design
  • Superior cleaning


  • Manual or Automatic feed options
  • De-stacking and restacking capabilities
  • Air knife drying
  • Gas, steam or electric heating
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Product Description

Our pallet washing machines can be supplied as manually loaded units or as a complete system. They use re-circulated washing techniques which have a range of filtration options.

Various wash cycles are available such as pre-washing, hot detergent wash, final rinse, sanitising rinse and air knife blower systems. Whatever your requirements, we can offer a tailor made machine to meet your demands. So whether you clean a few pallets per day or hundreds per hour, we have the most economic and energy efficient solution for you.

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Industrial Pallet Washers – Cleaning Process

Our pallet washers function by automatically de-stacking and restacking pallets. They are fitted with stainless steel, quick release jets which scour the surface of the pallets, stripping away-imbedded soils. It provides excellent results when cleaning even the heaviest of soiled pallets.

Rotary jetting systems and fixed manifolds (with 360° coverage) are strategically positioned to efficiently clean all surfaces of the pallet – including hard to reach areas, such as the tops of baseboards.

Many designs and sizes of pallets can be accommodated, with adjustable guide systems. This allows pallets of varying size and design to be washed in a common unit.

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Pallet Washing Machine FAQ’s

Why should I use a pallet washer?

Pallet washers help maintain cleanliness, prevent contamination, and improve the lifespan of pallets while ensuring compliance with hygiene standards.

What types of pallet washers are available?

We provide manually loaded units, as well as continuous pallet washers, where the pallets are automatically cleaned as they move through a conveyor system.

Are our pallet washers eco-friendly?

Yes, they are designed with water recycling systems and energy efficient components to help minimise water and energy consumption.

Can our pallet washers handle various pallet sizes?

Each unit can be designed and manufactured to suit all types of pallets.

How effective are they at cleaning pallets?

Very effective! Our pallet washers use high-pressure jets and detergents to effectively remove tough stains and residues.

Do your pallet washers include a drying feature?

Yes, we offer the option for air knife drying. After the pallets have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitised, the air knife system uses high-velocity, pressurised air to blow off any remaining moisture from the pallet surfaces. This ensures that the pallets are completely dry before they are restacked or put back into service, preventing issues like water damage and mould growth.

What type of heating option should I choose?

Gas Heating: Gas heating systems are known for their quick heating capabilities, making them an efficient choice for achieving high temperature washes. They are often preferred in industrial settings where rapid heating is essential for effective cleaning and sanitisation.

Steam Heating: Steam heating is a versatile and effective choice for achieving consistent and even temperatures throughout the washing process. It is ideal for applications requiring precise temperature control, such as in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Electric Heating: Electric heating systems are reliable and energy efficient. They offer precise temperature control and are often favoured for smaller-scale operations where energy efficiency is a priority.

What is the life expectancy of a pallet washing machine?

We ensure to maintain the equipment we supply so you can expect your pallet washer to be reliable and have a long lifespan. We are always at hand to keep your washers at peak performance throughout the duration of their working life.

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