Keep Your Food Facility Clean with Boot Washers

At Unitech Washers, we know a thing or two about keeping working environments sterile and safe. It’s the core of our business. So if you need to manage how dirt enters and exits your food production areas - you’re in the right place. Without throwing too much information at you, we’ll explain the key benefits [...]

How an Automated Parts Washer Can Help Your Business

Manually cleaning parts is often tedious and time consuming. Here at Unitech, we've seen first hand how the shift from manual to automated washing processes can transform operations. Automatic parts washers are no different, helping to eliminate various contaminants including oil, grime, dirt, paint, and other residues with little to no supervision required. We take [...]

How Are Aerospace Parts Cleaned?

Aerospace parts are often exposed to harsh environments, extreme temperatures, and various contaminants during usage. Keeping these parts clean and in pristine condition is crucial for the performance and safety of aircraft - helping to remove unwanted substances such as dirt, oil, lubricants and more. But how is the whole cleaning process carried out? We [...]

Why You Should Upgrade to an Automatic Pallet Washer

Are you still manually washing pallets at your facility? It might be time to consider upgrading to an automatic pallet washer, a decision that can significantly improve cleanliness, efficiency, and overall hygiene for your operations. The Importance of Pallet Washing Maintaining a safe and hygienic supply chain is essential in industries that rely on pallets [...]

Top 5 Benefits of Tray Washers

Tray washers have become indispensable in various industries, revolutionising the way businesses handle their tray cleaning processes. And as industrial washing experts, we know just how effective they are! So we’ve decided to pick out the top 5 benefits that tray washers have to offer and why we think they’re worth the investment. 1. Improved […]

Partnership with CTG

Unitech Washing Systems Limited is proud to announce that it has partnered with Cleaning Technologies Group LLC (CTG) of Cincinnati U.S.A, to distribute our hygienic range of food industry washing systems and hygiene equipment within the United States. CTG have been building industrial parts washers for a wide range of industries for over 100 years, […]

New Manufacturing Facility

Following the Growth and Success of Unitech Washing Machines, manufacturing has transferred to a separate facility, with full design and manufacturing capabilities, and new fabrication machinery. A new company has been formed as “Unitech Washing Systems Limited” and is looking to continue the growth in its products and services. 2019 has started with a very […]

Pan Wash Central!

Unitech Washing Systems have increased production of their Pan Washer range to several units per month. Each machine is efficient at washing multi head weigher buckets, utensils and trays. The machines are also suitable for high care installations and incorporate hygienic design principles. The machines can wash a wide range of components, and can be […]

New Website

Welcome to our new website. Unitech Washers invites you to explore our new website. This links back to our new group marketing strategy, so expect lots more to come. For more information on our group please view the Unitech Group site. Our new site has been created with the customer experience in mind, the site […]

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