Industrial Parts Washers

Industrial Parts Washers

Unitech Washing Systems are proud to be promoting and supporting (within the UK and Europe), the Ransohoff range of industrial parts washers and cleaning systems.

Ransohoff is a leading global manufacturer of component washing machines, degreasers, ultrasonic cleaning machines and industrial parts washers. With a wide range of equipment available to choose from, let us help you find the right machine for your needs.

Industrial Parts Washers Product Range

Cabinet Parts Washers

cabinet parts washers

Conveyorised Parts Washers

conveyor washers

Rotary Basket Washers

industrial parts washers and cleaning systems

What to Look Out For

When buying a parts washer, it’s important to consider which parts cleaning system will most effectively and efficiently meet your needs. If you’re unsure, our experts will happily guide you through key factors to find the right system for you, such as:

  • Size and weight of parts to be washed
  • Volume of parts
  • Soils/contaminants involved
  • Automatic or manual handling

Simply contact us 01543 224608 to find the right machine which has the capabilities to suit your cleaning needs.

industrial parts washers

The Benefits

A parts washer can be essential for many different industries – ranging from the industrial and automotive sectors, to medical and other hygiene conscious environments. These machines are vital pieces of cleaning equipment, used to thoroughly remove dirt, dust, grit, machine oil, grease and other debris from industrial parts. The entire cleaning process improves the productivity, safety and maintenance of any part.

What’s more, an automated parts washer can help your business even further by achieving the cleaning listed above, with little to no supervision required. All of which helps your business reduce labour time and save on costs.

The Ransohoff range of cleaning equipment is consistently striving to stay ahead of the curve. Each system is developed not only for the needs of today and tomorrow, but also five to ten years from now.

Types of Industrial Parts Washers and Cleaning Systems

Cabinet Parts Washers – Ideal for smaller parts, cabinet washers are compact and efficient, using high pressure jets to blast away dirt and grease.

Conveyorised Parts Washers – Designed for high volume cleaning, conveyorised washers move parts through different cleaning stages, offering a continuous cleaning solution.

Ultrasonic Parts Washers – Ultrasonic parts washers use ultrasonic energy on components that are immersed in a cleaning tank. This method is very efficient and helps clean hard to remove soils from parts.

Immersion Parts Washers – Immersion parts washers clean components by submerging them in an agitated cleaning solution, contained in a wash tank. This type of washer is aimed at parts that can’t be reliably cleaned with manual labour. Immersion cleaning is also preferred for parts that are placed in baskets and for processes requiring a long soaking time.

Aqueous Parts Washers – Aqueous parts washers offer a powerful cleaning alternative to solvent based machines. As a water based system, they are designed to be both operator friendly and environmentally safe.

Rotary Basket Parts Washer – Rotary basket washers use a spinning basket filled with cleaning agents to remove heavy contamination from components. Great for uniformly cleaning small to medium parts, spinning them through cleaning and rinse cycles.

Buy A Parts Washer from Unitech

Investing in an industrial parts washer isn’t just about buying a piece of equipment – it’s about upgrading your entire cleaning process for the better. From superior cleaning results to significant cost savings and environmental benefits, the advantages are clear. And with Unitech, you’re choosing a partner that’s committed to helping you achieve these goals every step of the way. Get in touch with us on 01543 224608 for more information.

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