Rack / Trolley Washers

Unitech supply rack washers and trolley washers to the food and pharmaceutical industries. This is for the effective cleaning of wheeled or pallet base racks. As with all of our equipment, they are of hygienic construction and are designed for quick and efficient cleaning, eliminating areas (that in some designs) are difficult or time consuming to clean.

The washing is completed via rotary arms, fitted with quick release stainless steel jets and coupled to a high volume medium pressure (60psi) centrifugal pump(s). It produces an effective cleaning solution.

The wheels and bases of the racks are also subjected to jetting. This ensures that everything is properly washed, covering areas which are sometimes overlooked.

The rack washer floor can be completely removed for cleaning, allowing complete access to the machine base tank.

Rack Washers

Our rack and trolley washers are supplied for pit or floor mounting and can be supplied with a ‘through’ door system. The door is electrically interlocked to prevent low risk area equipment from entering high care without being subjected to a wash cycle.

For pit mounted systems, the Unitech pit design and pit plates allow full access to the pit base. As a result, no areas are left inaccessible for cleaning.

Trolley Washers

Standard Features

  • 360° Jetting.
  • Stainless Steel Construction.
  • Hygienic Construction.


  • Steam, Electric Heating.
  • Single Side or Through Door Access.
  • Pit or Floor Mounting.
  • Ambient or Heated Rinse.
  • Single or Multiple Rack Systems.
Rack Washers

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