Basket / Box Washers

Commonly referred to as basket washers or box washers, our machines are designed to wash various things. They are capable of washing baskets, boxes, crates, pallets, tote bins and utensils. From simple standalone units through to fully integrated systems, we can manufacture a machine to suit your needs.

Unitech’s tunnel jet washers offer a continuous in-line washing solution for baskets and boxes. An effective wash is provided via stainless steel, quick release fan jets, using washing pressures of 60-80psi. It ensures that all surfaces of the product are thoroughly cleaned.

Our washers are suitable for both low and high risk areas, all without the need for a change of specification. This is due to their:

  • Hygienic construction.
  • Eliminating stitch welds.
  • Pop rivets.
  • Sloping surfaces.
  • Sealants.
  • Employment of free draining.

We offer various pre-wash, wash, rinse, sanitising and drying options.

Basket Washers

Our continuous development program ensures that Unitech remains at the forefront of washing technology. We are able to minimise utility usage and provide improved wash quality. This has been cemented by our inclusion on the DEFRA Water Technology list.

Our basket washers / box washers are developed in conjunction with food hygienists, to ensure we are compliant with the latest standards. We offer efficient and easy to maintain machines, with a clean and crevice free construction.

Basket Washers
Box Washers
Box Washers

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