Component Washing

Component Washing Machines

Unitech are leading manufacturers of component washing machines. We provide high quality and reliable systems for the aerospace and automotive industries – as well as many more. Find out what we offer below:

High Quality Component Washing Systems

component washing machine

We offer the Rotosonic, an ultrasonic cleaning system that provides maximum cleaning efficiency through the use of high-pressure spray, part rotation, and ultrasonic energy.

This machine is constructed using stainless steel and has a compact design, allowing it to be used in places where space is limited.

It is purposely designed to deliver power and performance and is built to the highest of standards.

We strive to deliver only the best component washing machines. In addition to this, our team of experts can provide you with the technical advice to help you extract the most from your equipment.

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What are Component Washers used for?

Component washers are designed to remove dirt, oil and other contaminants which are left on industrial parts – following heat treatment and other such processes. Our washers are the perfect solution for these situations – capable of high quality cleaning, with a high output.

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